Cassette Heat & Cool Air Conditioner

General Parameters

  • Capacity (Ton):4 Ton
  • Refrigerant:R22
  • Color:White
  • Cooling Capacity KW:14
  • Capacity (BTU):48000
  • Heating Capacity (BTU):51100
  • Air Circulation (m3/h):1750
  • Rated Power input (KW) Cooling:5.25
  • Power Input (KW) Heating:5.23
  • Power Supply (Ph/V/Hz):3/380-415/50
  • EER/COP(W/W):2.67/2.87
  • Gas Side Dia (mm):19.05
  • Liquid Side Dia (mm):9.52
  • Max Pipe Length (m):50
  • Drop (m):15

Warranty Cassette Heat & Cool Air Conditioner

  • Warranty:1 year Parts, 5 Years compressor


  • Indoor Net Dimension W/D/H:530/380/1820
  • Packing Dimension W/D/H:625/465/1965
  • Outdoor Net Dimension W/D/H:1008/410/830
  • Packing Dimension W/D/H:1130/490/930


  • Indoor Gross weight (Kg):62
  • Net weight (Kg):53
  • Outdoor Gross Weight (Kg):103
  • Net Weight (Kg):93


  • Indoor Noise [db(A)] (Hi/Mid/Lo):49/46/42
  • Outdoor Noise [db(A)]:59
  • 15m Long Distance Airflow Supply
  • High Efficiency , Energy Saving
  • High Temperature Stable Running

Air conditioning, often abbreviated as A/C or AC, is the process of removing heat from an enclosed space to achieve a more comfortable interior environment (sometimes referred to as ‘comfort cooling’) and in some cases also strictly controlling the humidity of internal air. Air conditioning can be achieved using a mechanical ‘air conditioner’ or alternatively a variety of other methods, including passive cooling or ventilative cooling. Air conditioning is a member of a family of systems and techniques that provide heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). Heat pumps are similar in many ways to air conditioners, but use a reversing valve to allow them to both heat and also cool an enclosed space.

Air conditioners, which typically use vapor-compression refrigeration, range in size from small units used within vehicles or single rooms to massive units that can cool large buildings. Air source heat pumps, which can be used for heating as well as cooling, are becoming increasingly common in cooler climates.


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